The road ahead is digital.
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We live in an age of rapid and radical transformation. The internet, social media, mobile web, the internet of things – these have forever altered our professional and personal lives.

Can your organisation keep pace? Our expert team will help you understand these challenges and how to use new technologies to meet them. Working with us, you'll co-design a strategy to improve efficiencies, create opportunities and increase stakeholder engagement. Watch these result in dramatic and measurable improvements to your organisation.

Struggling to understand and take advantage of digital? We can help.

Flaxworks has successfully delivered multi-million dollar projects on behalf of public and private-sector organisations including Australian Governments, MTV Networks International, Healthdirect Australia and RMIT University.


Who we are

We're a digital strategy and transformation agency, working with businesses to help them make the most of the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital economy.

What we do

We solve problems. We deliver measurable improvements and transform the way business operates. We work with everyone from small start-up pilots to $10M programs.

How we do it

Our unique HYBRID methodology combines the best-of-business theory, human-centred design thinking and leading-edge technology to deliver unparalleled results.

Case studies

See how others met the challenges you're facing today and how we helped transform their businesses.

What clients say

We had a vision for a new way of treating patients with low back pain which was heavily reliant on an online solution. We engaged Rachel and her team at Flaxworks to provide guidance about the feasibility and options for our IT requirements. During the discovery phase and the associated workshops, Rachel’s knowledge and understanding was amazing and her enthusiasm was infectious. Her final report went well beyond our expectations, not only clearly outlining our options for the IT component of the business, but also provided a great deal of information and guidance for the project as a whole. Her input has been vital in moving our project forward in the right direction.

Dr Paul Licina
Spineplus, QLD, Australia

We needed someone to bring together and lead a diverse team to conceptualise, create and deliver our online strategy and a suite of quality digital properties for multiple stakeholders in tough timeframes. From a standing start Rachel made it happen.

She knows how to get to the essence of what people want and shape solutions. She has that rare blend of creativity with the skills and drive to deliver, whether it be working with volunteer groups, large corporations or with specialist suppliers. Just simply one of the sharpest operators I have encountered in this space.

Chief Information Officer General Manager - Digital Services
Healthdirect Australia

Flaxworks was asked to help coordinate a new eHealth project involving the University and a range of Industrial and Government partners. This was an unusual attempt to get funding as it required someone to canvas potential partners to both evangelise about RMIT research skills, but to also listen to the partners to hear what sorts of health related problems the partners faced. 

Rachel did an outstanding job in this regard: she met with key RMIT staff, listened to what their research covered, what they were passionate about. Next, using her extensive contacts, she established and maintained partnerships from major industrial corporations through to local government organisations at all time, listening to their needs. She used her own knowledge about eHealth to maps these needs to the skills at RMIT to come up with a project that we could put together into a proposal. Rachel’s kind persistent persuasion, tireless enthusiasm and hard work ensured that the partners committed large sums of money to the project proposal.

Professor of Information Retrieval
RMIT University

Rachel facilitated a number of workshops with key stakeholders to draw out and articulate expectations and specifications for the programs being developed. She was able to drill into a level of detail that enabled clarification of views and understanding of what we were developing and for whom.

Program Manager
Black Dog Institute

At Flaxworks, we've learned that long-term results only come from true understanding of your business processes. We take the time to dive deep into your challenges, defining effective strategies to integrate digital into your organisation.

We'll help you understand and leverage the opportunities created by new and emerging technologies. We have a proven history of delivering achievable, sustainable business solutions.

The Flaxworks team

Rachel de Sain, Founder

Rachel de Sain is a digital strategist with more than 15 years of international experience working with governments, Fortune 500 companies and leading academic institutions. Her strong focus on user-centric principles, business analytics and stakeholder engagement enables her to design, develop and deliver solutions that drive success.

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  • Amrutha Shetty
  • Bel Porter
  • Tony Camara
  • Matthew Lewin

Our team is passionate about understanding users and leveraging technologies to meet their needs. At Flaxworks we are committed to honesty, integrity and hard work. We 'lead by design, deliver by numbers' by understanding user needs and delivering measurable business improvements.





What we do


Explore project scope, uncover potential workflows, investigate user needs


Unite concepts, make connections, shape plans and processes


Refine user profiles, finalise project scope and plan, set up governance


Define technical requirements, make recommendations, plan implementation


Manage development (Lean/Agile), test iteratively throughout lifecycle


Develop standard operating procedures, train, transition to business

Bel hard at work in our Melbourne office

Why work with us

We're a small team of highly skilled digital specialists that works with your business to achieve meaningful results. We don't have the overheads of a large agency. We partner with other specialists to scale up or down depending on the size of projects.

With no vested interests in specific platforms or technologies, our advice is always impartial and solutions-focused.

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  • Australian Government
  • RMIT University
  • HealthDirect Australia